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What Is Minoz 50mg? Its Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, And Precautions.


Do you know a fact that the world loses more than a million people every year due to a particular type of infection?

The category of that infection is none other than bacterial infections.

Yes, these invisible microorganisms can create some major losses in the life of the human race.

Now the reason why these bacterial infections are so vigorously infecting the human body can be many.

The first one of which is the number of bacterial microorganisms present around us.

There are thousands of species present around us who are ready to enter our bodies every minute.

But they are present forever around us and our immune system is always used to guard us against them.

But now it is unable to guard us properly.

The reason behind this is the weakening of the potential for working the immune system.

It is happening due to the bad eating habits human beings have adopted, the stress levels, and various other issues.

Due to this, more and more people are getting infected by bacterial infections.

Now we as humans require something to support our immune system to get rid of these issues in particular.

So, one alternative people have is to consume Minoz 50mg.

If you are someone who gets easily infected with these bacterial infections then it is a must for you to go through the medicine details.

All of them have been discussed below in detail.


Benefits Introductions Of Minoz 50mg


Minoz 50 is a medicine that falls under the category of antibiotics a.k.a. Antibacterial medicines.

The name is suggested because the medicines in this group are used to treat bacterial infections.

The medicine is produced in India and the name of the manufacturer is Sun Pharmaceuticals.

The medicine comes in a strip of ten tablets the color of which is basically yellow.

The medical salt that is packed in the medicine is Minocycline Hydrochloride which is equivalent to Minocycline.

Each tablet produced has 50 mg of this active ingredient which is sufficient for people who are currently at the initial stages of the bacterial infection.

If the level of infection is more, then for such people 100 and 200 mg doses are also available.

The dose is only given to those patients who have a particular prescription.

If not found with a prescription, then the medicine is illegal to buy and sell.

To know more about the medicine keep reading.


Details About Hot To Use Minoz 50mg


After you have got the medicine then the next important task is how you should use that medicine.

Here is a detailed guide on how a person should use this medicine efficiently so that it provides the best results-

  • The medicine is a yellow tablet and it is said to everyone that they should consume the medicine as a whole.
  • It is said so because some people think that breaking the medicine will make it work fast and some think that it will make the medicine work easily.
  • Both of these are not true and everyone should consume the medicine as it is.
  • The medicine is needed to be taken as such and for that taking the help of water will be the best.
  • Take medicine with around 8 ounces or 240 ml of water.
  • The medicine is advised to be taken when your stomach is empty.
  • So, it is suggested that if you are consuming the medicine before eating then keep a gap of 1 hour, and if you have already consumed food and want to take medicine later then a gap of 2 hours is a must.
  • Some people have been suggested other antibiotics also at a particular time.
  • Don’t take this medicine with them.

Use Of Minoz 50mg


The medicine is known as a broad-spectrum antibiotic medicine.

This means that the medicine Minoz 50mg can work easily for many issues caused by bacteria.

Here are a few issues in particular that can be treated if you are thinking about Minoz 50mg.

  • Conjunctivitis is an issue in which the eyes are affected.
  • The color turns red and they get swollen and itchy.
  • Commonly this issue is also known as pink eye infection for which Minoz 50 mg is a very great alternative.
  • Within a few days, the medicine showed some great results.
  • Next, if we move on to skin then there are a few issues like cellulitis, erysipelas, and folliculitis. In such situations the skin gets red, inflammation happens and sometimes it gets swollen up. But with the medicine consumption, all these issues get relieved.
  • There are a few issues with the throat also that happen due to bacteria like strep throat, Such issues can be best treated with Minoz 50mg medicine.
  • Moving next to the airways then due to bacterial infection the air sacs of the lungs inflames and might cause pneumonia. Minoz 50mg is also provided to those suffering from this issue.
  • Swimmer’s ear is an issue with the ear of the human being caused by bacteria.
  • The hearing potential of the ears gets easily affected due to this issue.
  • But if taken medicine properly then this issue can also get resolved.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis can be very dangerous for a person.
  • They easily transmit from person to person. But when a person starts consuming this minoz medicine then they can see greater benefits of this medicine.
  • Many people are affected by Urinary tract infections also and they can be really deadly over time.
  • But when a person starts consuming Minoz 50mg then these issues can be controlled.

Working Of Minoz 50mg


The working of Minoz 50mg medicine is pretty simple. For that, we have to understand that the bacteria that are causing these issues are none other than single-celled organisms.

Now they have a cell membrane and a wall and when they divide then bacteria also multiply and this is how their number multiplies.

Now when a person takes the medicine then its main aim is to decrease their multiplication and then kill the cells of bacteria in the body.

For that, the salt first engages with the cell membrane and then stops its multiplication process.

Now when their numbers are controlled then the salt further paralyzes the bacteria and they are killed.

Slowly their effect on the body also decreases and ends ultimately.


Discuss The Ingredients Of Minoz 50mg


The median Minoz 50mg has the main active ingredient of Minocycline hydrochloride.

When it dissolves in the body then Minocycline starts acting and the hydrochloride becomes inactive.

When the waste is excreted from the body, hydrochloride is also excreted.


What Side Effects Might Occur Due To Consumption Of Minoz 50mg

The medicine has a few side effects that have been listed below in detail-

  • First and the most common side effect of this medicine is sunburn and skin sensitivity.
  • Many people around are facing this issue.
  • People might also face the issue of headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, etc while they are taking the medicine.
  • Eyes-related issues can be faced in which the eyesight gets affected, blurriness and redness also.
  • Pain in muscles is also a very common issue that a person might face.
  • You will notice some sort of distress in your stomach that can cause diarrhea and vomiting.
  • The appetite of a person might decrease and loss of stools is also very common.
  • Heartbeat might increase along with the blood pressure of the person.

Dosage Requirement

The dose of the medicine is decided by the physician who is going to prescribe you the medicine.

Take the latest reports related to the issue you have been facing and they will prescribe you the medicine accordingly.

Commonly one or maybe two doses per day will be prescribed to you.

Also while consuming the medicine remember that you should complete the whole course otherwise the infection can retract back.



An overdose of the medicine is very harmful to the body.

If you ever take it by mistake then contact your physician as side effects can happen in your body due to this.


Missed Dose


If you ever miss the dose of the medicine then remember that it is like a chance for the bacteria to grow faster in the body.

That is why you should consume the medicine within 12 hours if you ever miss the dose. It would compensate for the loss.


Storage Requirements Of Minoz 50mg


The medicine should be stored in the way discussed below-

  • The medicine should be kept away from the sunlight for maintaining its working potential.
  • Damp places are not suitable for medicine storage.
  • The medicine should not be in the range of kids and pets for their safety.

Time Taken By Medicine To React Properly

The time taken by the medicine to show its action is around 2-3 days after getting dissolved in the body.

But if you are looking for results to be visible on your body then it takes 2 weeks of time.

If the results are not visible to you in the meantime then you should consult your physician.


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Bacterial infections


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


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6 To 15 days


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